Monday, January 25, 2010

Ezekiel, Grand master of librarians

Painting Ezekiel was very refreshing. Infact it was so refreshing, I had terrible, depraved thoughts of abbandonning my howling griffons scheme, and painting the generic ultramarines. I know its not your guys tristan, but they are all primed, and i had to have some fun, so voila.

For the robes i used my usual mix.

1. a base of scorched,
2. bootstrap leather,
3. a mix of bootstrap and khaki,
4. a mix of bleached bone anf khaki mix,
5. bleached bone,
6. a fine highlight of bleached bone and menoth white highlight mix.

The blue was
1. Exile blue base
2. A lighter basecoat of Cygnar blue base
3. A broad highlight of Cygnar blue highlight
4. a fine higlight of 60/40 Cygnar blue Highlights and space wolves grey mix.

I had some howling griffons scouts, I meant to take some pics, but i forgot and my camera was runnign out of battery, so i wasn't going to bother.

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Tristan said...

Ha, wow! Ian told me he kicked ass in a game and you painted him in a day - lol!