Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here are the two base design/color schemes I wrote about last post. Remember I've already chosen, but I'd still like your guesses as to which one i did choose for my tau, as wel as your feed back.

The yellowish one is Graveyard Earth, followed by a heavy overbrush of Desert Yellow, then a highlight of Iyandan Darksun.

The Red is a flat base of Mechrite Red, then an over brush of Bloodstone(P3) and finally a highlight of a mix of Bloodstone and bleached bone. I'm considering using blood red instead of bloodtone (which is a sort of red-brown, similar to vermin brown. I'm really going for that red oxide look, ad the red isn't intense enough for me.


Tristan said...

Guessing since the Tau were yellow you'll go with the red base? I think it would definitely look striking if you could get it to look a little redder.

Tnoussis said...

Yes Tristan wins, it was the red for contrast! Ill be playing around with the bases this weekend now that both my fire warrior squads are primed.