Monday, January 25, 2010

Ezekiel, Grand master of librarians

Painting Ezekiel was very refreshing. Infact it was so refreshing, I had terrible, depraved thoughts of abbandonning my howling griffons scheme, and painting the generic ultramarines. I know its not your guys tristan, but they are all primed, and i had to have some fun, so voila.

For the robes i used my usual mix.

1. a base of scorched,
2. bootstrap leather,
3. a mix of bootstrap and khaki,
4. a mix of bleached bone anf khaki mix,
5. bleached bone,
6. a fine highlight of bleached bone and menoth white highlight mix.

The blue was
1. Exile blue base
2. A lighter basecoat of Cygnar blue base
3. A broad highlight of Cygnar blue highlight
4. a fine higlight of 60/40 Cygnar blue Highlights and space wolves grey mix.

I had some howling griffons scouts, I meant to take some pics, but i forgot and my camera was runnign out of battery, so i wasn't going to bother.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here are the two base design/color schemes I wrote about last post. Remember I've already chosen, but I'd still like your guesses as to which one i did choose for my tau, as wel as your feed back.

The yellowish one is Graveyard Earth, followed by a heavy overbrush of Desert Yellow, then a highlight of Iyandan Darksun.

The Red is a flat base of Mechrite Red, then an over brush of Bloodstone(P3) and finally a highlight of a mix of Bloodstone and bleached bone. I'm considering using blood red instead of bloodtone (which is a sort of red-brown, similar to vermin brown. I'm really going for that red oxide look, ad the red isn't intense enough for me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Battlesuits! Tau! Magnets!

Well, this blog post will be an accumulation of many which should have been done earlier. Here are the pictures of my first couple magnetized battlesuits, as well as my first Painted battlesuit (80% complete).

My next post will feature my two base choices for the tau, Originally i was going to take your opinions on the subject, but, i've already decided. So, now youll have to guess which one I chose when i do post it!