Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Battlesuits! Tau! Magnets!

Well, this blog post will be an accumulation of many which should have been done earlier. Here are the pictures of my first couple magnetized battlesuits, as well as my first Painted battlesuit (80% complete).

My next post will feature my two base choices for the tau, Originally i was going to take your opinions on the subject, but, i've already decided. So, now youll have to guess which one I chose when i do post it!


Tristan said...

Looks good Thomas, except he kinda looks like he's squatting a bit. Is this for you or someone else?

Tnoussis said...

No its mine, im starting a tau army. I intended it to be the pose from one of the images in the tau codex, hes sort of leaning back, slightly crouched firing both guns.

The AKH said...

That, sir, is a damn fine battlesuit. I approve greatly of the magnets. :D