Thursday, June 25, 2009

Games Day

Our table at games day, some pics of my genswick and valhallans in action where they belong, In the trenches!

Games Day Table

Here are a few pics of the table our club brought to games day under construction.

Monday, June 15, 2009

More soon

Next week Ill be putting up all the photos from games day, and my clubs contribution, our table. Unfortunately, I didn't document it all through construction, but hope fully Ill have a photo of the completely built one, and definitely of it when its painted. Most of the work was building.


These gals were a joy to paint, after painting like 60 guardsmen, I decided to reward myself, and paint up a pretty batch of pretty sororitas flyers. The sisters of battle miniatures are very fun, and I enjoyed painting them very much, especially the armor.
They are the finest unit I have ever painted.

Look a house

I built a house and painted it. Oh, but not a real house.

Genswick Painted

Now i know I haven't been posting for about three months, but with school, and camera complications, I didn't really feel very up to blogging. anyways here are the pictures of my genswick, mostly painted up, i just have to clean up the bases and add some detail. They were, by the way, painted all the way back in march. And in fact, all 60 in one day over the break.