Thursday, October 16, 2008

Terminators 1

These are my only painted squad of deathwing. They have been painted twice, and while maybe not looking as good as fresh miniatures, they still look alright. Also they have an unfinished land raider to ride in. Since GW doesn't sell the land raider crusader bits separately anymore, I'd have to bum a pair or crusader of of someone if I want my land raider to be useful.

Interrogator Chaplain

I love interrogator chaplains. They are an excellent addition to any assault role unit, as well as cool miniatures. Mine is thrown in with my power fist Termies. I have two squads of them, and plan to add a third, of lightning clawed assault terminators.

Tactical Squad 2

The second of my Tactical squads.

Tactical Squad 1

Here's My first Miniature Photo. These photos and the next few are the first I have ever done. They seemed to have turned out alright, some are better than others. Bear with me, some of them might be big, and not properly resized.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Golden Demon Toronto 08 Youngbloods

Right, this Photo was a real easy one to get, since the guys at Games Day already took, and edited the photo for me, so it was simply a matter of cutting and pasting.

Me, Myself, And my angels

In this first blog of mine, Ill be showcasing my ever growing dark angels space marine army. Ive got around 1500 points painted, and 1000 or so points yet to come, and gradually they will be added to the blog.

As for me, Ive been playing and painting miniatures for almost five years now. My introduction to the game of 40k was at A local Games-Workshop, where I fell in love with the space marines as soon as I saw what I would later learn to be an ultra marines army. Of course, my army deviated from the men in blue, the Dark Angels clearly caught my fancy. I fell in love with the painting side of the hobby as soon as I dipped my first brush, in to that first pot of Dark Angels Green Paint. Over the course of five years my painting skills have of course improved immensely. (Aided by my inability to drybrush properly).

This year I was proud to take home the silver young bloods trophy, at the 08 games day golden demon competition, for my Dark Angels Sergeant. (I will post pictures). In the future I will be posting photos of my D.A. Also, in future blogs my W.I.P. Genswick/Witch hunters force will have a spot. As well as a planned Imperial Fists Scout army. So, if you happen to stumble upon this blog before I post anything, or put a link in my B&C Profile, then, just gimme a couple weeks.