Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tau Bastion Built

This week Ive been working on some tau terrain specifically a bastion. Here it is in a ll its unpainted glory, captured by my crappy web cam


The AKH said...

Looking good - are you going to paint that pink bubble-type thing as part of the structure, or as some sort of energy shield? I bring this up because I noticed in the first two pics there are Fire Warriors standing on the ledge that is "under" the bubble with the bastion fully assembled.
Also - Anthony & I made 3 foamcore bastions today, so we'll have lots of Planetstrike terrain even if we don't buy the strongpoint :D

Tnoussis said...

I'm gonna paint it s part of the structure. I Think it would look better like that. Although I hadn't thought of that, if I were to have done that, i would have done it with a blue bowl.

Tristan said...

Bastion is lookin pretty cool Thomas.
Hey - you also took the chainsaw skeleton yesterday. That's for my undead team so please don't paint it ;) - can you just leave it in Ian & Josh's open locker next time you're in 2HD?

Tristan said...

ps. team logo should be like the oakland raiders, maybe just crossed swords behind a skull? I'll get you the team ##'s later.

scdarkangel said...

very nice and tauish.

Santa Cruz Warhammer