Saturday, July 4, 2009

Green Armies

I have thought about it a lot and i came to the conclusion that all my armies are primarily green. That's not a bad thing, as I have gained a lot of experience painting brows grays neutrals and greens. I thinks thats why I have so much fun painting other armies, like my valhallans, or sisters. They were both a joy to paint because neither of them had any green, but they were still black and white, so i didn't stray too far from my comfort zone but at the same time had a couple fresh schemes to paint.

Armies I own that use green as a primary color
Gensick Guard,
Dark Angels

I would like, for my next army, to do something very new and fresh, Like Imperial Fists, Or Eldar, Or Tau. Unfortunately Ill be painting greens for a while yet as after games day, I am broke.

The only chances ill get this summer are valhallans and some preheresy emperors children i am painting for my neighbor.


Tristan said...

If you feel like painting my dark elf blood bowl team feel free to let me know ;)

Good work on the painting points, we look pretty even and of all the blogs I follow I'm definitely top of the list so well done!

Tristan said...

ps. I have some DA stuff I could give you for painting them ;)

Tristan said...

I've got an ezekiel, an asmodai (missing power sword arm - you could convert the blades), a brother bethor and two other old metal veteran bodies. :)

Tristan said...

Hey Thomas, hope you still have some stuff to paint. I won't be in today, broke my toe on Sunday. Also gotta convert a couple more blitzers, although I have started stripping the models.