Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Land Speeder

Just dug out a pic of my Ravenwing land speeder tornado. Ive had this guy for a long time and it was actually one of my best models at the time when I painted it. Now that I'm working on my inquisition/guard force my DA space marines aren't getting much love. Speaking of space marines, i have been wanting to paint some imperial fists for a long time now, just for the yellow really, and to build a competitive space marine list from the ground up. I picked up a copy of Brothers of the Snake, a Dan Abnett novel featuring the Iron Snakes. I really like their color scheme, and they remind me of the ancient greeks. My family is Greek so i feel a sort of bond with them even if my family is from the north, which is not as similar to the islander Greeks the snakes seem to base their chapter culture on.

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Tristan said...

I've still got my brother's old metal ravenwing landspeeder. I think I'm going to do it up as raptors.

Iron Snakes are definitely on my to-do list. Hopefully the DA models I have will spur you to give them some love ;)