Thursday, February 26, 2009

Citadel Washes

I recently picked up the set of Citadel washes, and they are heaven in curiously, nine pots. Before the washes i used to think of painting the masses of troops as a chore to plow through so i could get to an enjoyable squad or IC to paint. But now i just want to go wild shading at the pass of a brush stroke. I want to start and Imperial fist force just to paint yellow Armor and shade it. They make painting troops fun again, you can achieve the same results which previously took an hour in a few seconds. So you can have a beautiful painted army without all the drudge work of layering. and shading. I can continue to practice these time consuming techniques without resorting to Dry brushing for which i have a disability, but actually enjoy them when i paint a single ICs robes instead of a squad of lowly Cadians' fatigues. I recommend them to the novice and the veteran. Beginners can paint themselves an army they can be truly proud of, with out crudely drybrushing or splashing on crusty paint with a paint brush that might as well be a Popsicle stick. I wont even try to express my adoration, all I can say is they are truly miraculous, a godsend, the days of mixing complicated ink washes are over. I haven't said this in a long long time. maybe almost three years.

I luv u GW

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