Saturday, March 6, 2010

Howling Griffons And Chaos test models.

So, since I am lacking models here in france, I've only had a few to work on. But I will try to post a few times while I'm here. First, I've painted my Howling Griffons Attack bike, well, At least some of it. The armor and metals are down, but the metals need a wash, and I didn't bring badab black, or devlan mud.
My yellow is a really simple, and since I'm already punishing, i mean rewarding, myself by painting the tau with a white undercoat, I decided to go for an easy yellow.

-A solid base coat of Iyanden darksun (3 - 4 thinned coats minimum) This step is crucial because if you're base coat isn't perfectly opaque, the glaze's are going to make it look dirty by tinting any black showing through a dirty olive color.

-Carefully line in the crevices with brown ink.

-fine highlights of bleached bone and then white, this is important as well, you want your highlights to be tinted a bright sunny yellow, so even though it looks strange over the base coat, try to make them as light as possible without using pure white.

-Last, A few fairly rich glazes of yellow ink. make sure you add a little mixing medium, so the glazes aren't just washing over your model, you want an even coverage of the flat parts, not build up crevices.

Its not perfect yet, and I still have yet to try out different highlight colors and glazes, but I like the end result, its quick enough, and still yields a rich yellow.

The red was done following a tutorial by Simon at
Stuck Between Stations. My hasty pictures don't do it justice, but it yields a very rich red, with hardly any time at all. The green wash gives the shadows great natural depth, and really makes the red pop.


I've also been fooling around with chaos schemes using this ogre as my test model he was one of my exchange partners brothers, but I swiped him (the brother no longer plays) and cleaned up his terrible paint texture, then added my scheme.
The skin is using the technique described on Gws site, in the painting ogres section.

I really like the look of the new skaven storm vermin's weapons, so I'm going to paint my chaos warriors and marauders weapons like theirs.

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